How long can the balloons fly?

Flight time for latex and foil balloons is different due to their material. Latex balloons of standard size 30 cm fly up to 14 hours in the winter and up to 10 hours in the summer during the heat. This difference is the result of the fact that the balloons “do not like” the heat, the pores of the latex open up, and the helium gas evaporates faster from the balloon because this gas is lighter than air. But in aero design, masters use a tool like Hi-Float, which is added to the inside of the balloon, and when it is dried, a thin film is created, and helium does not come out of the balloon so quickly. This substance is 100 percent safe and harmless, so you absolutely should not be worried that your child may burst this ball. A ball with such addition is more expensive than a ball without one, but it also flies way longer than a regular balloon. Approximately from 3 to 14 days, depending on the brand of the ball manufacturer and the temperature conditions in the room where the balls will contain. The situation with foil balls is entirely different because the material itself is very durable foil. That is why such balls do not need to be improved. Foil balloons fly from 7 to 30 days, depending on the size of the ball. The larger the ball, the longer it flies.

With the choice of balloons for a gift, our managers will always be happy to help you. It is enough to determine for whom the gift (age, sex, etc.) will be. Usually, for girls or ladies, we offer everyone's favorite color composition of pink, purple and white. Now the most trendy is pink gold with beige pearl or a cloud of pink balls. We also suggest adding balloons with confetti, foil hearts or stars to basic color balloons. A bunch of black, pink and silver balls looks very stylish and elegant too.

For men and boys, we traditionally offer a blue-violet-white color range. But the combination of blue-violet metallic paint also looks excellent, this is when the balls have a metallic luster and do not look so childish as pastel balls. Well, nobody has canceled the classic black and white gamut, and if gold or silver foil hearts or stars are added to it, then a cloud of balloons will look especially festive.

Regarding the design of children's parties, we usually ask for the theme of the celebration in advance or the child’s favorite cartoons and pick up balloons in the form of favorite characters, add some balloons with confetti, colored balloons in tone with foiled figures or just a favorite color scheme of the child or parents. The age of the child is also undoubtedly crucial because for a one-year-old baby we will offer something in a delicate range. Metallic balls will be suitable for older children, and they will not look very childish. Teens usually want to appear as adults and may say that balloons are completely useless, but in the end will surely enjoy them even more than kids.

If you decide to pick up the balls yourself from our store and you do not need the delivery service, then we will be happy to prepare balls for you so that you can transport them yourself easily and without any problems. To do this, we use little weightings or we can pack your balls in special huge bags for carrying balls.

For example, a bunch of 25-30 balls is placed in an ordinary sedan car. We recommend transporting them inside the car, not in the trunk, since closing the back door after you put the balls inside the car is much more comfortable than the tailgate. The balls will continuously strive to break free) The hatchback-type car will enter up to 50 balls. Well, we are able to bring you 100 balls, and if you need more, we will order an overall transport service.

It is better to order the balloons in advance (about 3-7 days), wedding orders or large registrations (in 14-30 days). But we are always ready for urgent requests, for this, you need to check with our managers whether there is such an opportunity at the moment.

We are ready to deliver balloons to you during the day and even 2 hours after placing the order, but such urgent orders should be coordinated with our managers. For faster communication, call us at +420 777 119 955

This information is in the section delivery terms and payment, but we will be happy to answer your question here too. Delivery in Prague is carried out with a minimum order of 900 CZK. Delivery on weekdays from 9 to 18 hours - 200 CZK, evening delivery and weekend delivery - 300 CZK. When ordering balls worth less than 900 CZK, self-pickup is provided from the store. The address of our salon is Náměstí Josefa Machka 1218/1, Praha 5. When ordering from 3000 CZK, delivery in Prague is free.

We deliver balloons to Prague and its neighborhood within 20 km. Orders for more than 5,000 CZK can be delivered to places 50 km away from Prague for an additional cost depending on the mileage.

The cost of delivery of balloons is based on the size of the vehicle, in a small small car, we are not able to deliver you a sufficient number of balloons. Well, the cost of delivery on the day offs comes from the fact that when all the people rest, we work for you non-stop.

You can pay for your order in several ways. You can pay directly on the spot to the courier upon delivery of the balloons. You can also pay by card through different internet paying systems like PayPal and GoPay. For customers from other countries who want to make a gift to relatives or close people in Prague, we have provided convenient ways to pay via PayPal or transfer to a Sberbank card.

It all depends on what kind of balls you want to order for delivery. Ordinary latex balloons without improvement will be delivered to you from 25 pieces, with processing - from 18 pieces, foil stars, hearts will be enough 10 pieces for delivery, read delivery question No. 9 above for shipping costs.

It is inappropriate for us to use the services of a courier and a vehicle to deliver a small number of balls. For these cases, we have the possibility of self-delivery of balls. We have tried to find for you the most convenient place for self-delivery in the very center of Prague, 5 minutes walk from Wenceslas Square, our salon is in good accessibility for your transportation of balls by car.

In fact, the balls are not deflating! The point is that in the cold gas inside the ball shrinks, but as soon as you bring the balls into a warm room, they immediately will straighten and take the same form. But you should remember that the balls should not stay too long in the cold. For example, you should not leave the balls in the car for the night, waiting for the morning to hand the balloons to the birthday boy. Better sneak them into the house and hide in a secluded place until the morning, then they will delight the birthday person for a long time. One important note, all these relates to the balls with processing, the raw balls will begin to fall by the morning. Therefore, when ordering, be sure to specify that you need balls with processing.

This is the most painful question for us, so we will try to answer it in great detail ... You probably didn’t really think about what happens to the balloon after it disappears from your view, but releasing them into the air is extremely harmful and dangerous for the environment and especially for animals. “Balloons Blow” is an organization whose goal is to convey to people what kind of disastrous consequences for animals, the environment and even people can turn into balloons. And also promote an eco-conscious lifestyle. For these purposes, this organization has published a series of photos that explains why you should never do this. We will not scare you with scary pictures, but they are really impressive. Balloons can cover a distance of thousands of kilometers, polluting the most remote and untouched corners of our planet. This provokes a danger to any animal that comes in contact with them. Many animals are not able to distinguish food from garbage, so they may accidentally swallow objects that will harm them. “When an animal swallows a balloon, it can block its intestinal tract, forcing it to die of starvation,” explains the organization. Once the balls are blown away and fade in the sun, they become similar to jellyfish - the main diet of sea turtles. When they swallow deflated balloons, it can cause serious harm to their health, which can result in death. And in the ribbons and threads, which are tied balls, the animal can get confused, which often leads to death. In some cases, releasing balloons into the air is no better than throwing garbage into the seas and forests. This creates a serious danger to the wildlife with which we share our planet. Even if balloon manufacturers claim to be biodegradable, it often takes years, during which the balloons continue to release chemicals into the environment. Latex balloons released into the sky are dangerous primarily for animals, but foil products can lead to power cuts and sparked fires. We sincerely hope that our detailed answer to your question will make many of you think and in the future be more careful with balloons. May they better please you and your loved ones at home.

Dispose of latex balloons as regular garbage, the decomposition period of latex balloons is 4-5 years. It took much longer for foil balloons, so dispose of them in plastic waste containers, and dispose of LEDs from balloons as batteries. Let's give our relatives and friends not only a grand celebration but also a clean city, country, and planet!

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